Legal Literacy Club has been reorganised at GSSS Rajakheri(2059) for the session 2021-22. List of Members are as follows:

  1. Principal Smt. Sumitra President

  2. Mr. Manoj Kumar PGT Economics Secretary

  3. Male Faculty : Dr. Ravinder Kumar

  4. Female Faculty: Ms. Kusum Kumari

  5. Male Guardian: Sh. Naresh

  6. Female Guardian: Smt. Rekha and Smt. Rajbala

  7. Name of Panch Member: Smt. Anita

  8. Advocate: Sh. Jagbir Singh Rana

Mother's Teresa Legal Literacy Club selected the following members for Session 2021-22

Activity Date: 18-10-2021

A lecture is delivered on the topic "NALSA (Child Friendly Legal Services to Children and Their Protection Scheme, 2015" and Road Safety Awareness" by Sh. Jasvinder Singh, Panel Advocate at the school Central Hall, G. M.S. S. S. School, Rajakheri (2059) in the presence of school principal Smt. Sumitra and other Legal Literacy Cell members. The lecture began with the words of Dr. Ravinder Kumar.

Activity Date: 23-11-2021

On this date, A Group discussion of boys and girls held on given date. Students provided lecture to other students. Book reading is also conducted by the students. Sh. Rohtas delivered a lecture on importance of Vote to the students.

Group Reading

Book Reading

Importance of Vote

Lecture delivered by Sh. Rohtas

Importance of Vote

Students waiting for the lecture of Sh. Rohtas